HA! Another Weasley!
I know just what to.. *squints* Oh wait, you're not a Weasley. Sorry, not as sharp as I used to be. Welcome to my little corner of the world then, and enjoy your stay c:
Here you'll see posts about my obsessions and occasionally, my life.
Everything is tagged.

Tanz der Vampire
Starlight Express
Star Trek

Star Trek TOS
Once Upon A Time(r)
The Mentalist(r)
Avatar The Last Airbender(r)
I love helping people so if you ever want help with anyting just ask.
However there have been some nasty viruses and hackers going around so if you want me to check out your blog, click a link, help you with a page etc. I probably won't click the link unless some of these things have happened:

We've spoken before
You've posted your own posts
You've interacted with other people (your tag is filled or something)
Your blog is more than two weeks old
Someone else I know can vouch for you
The way you phrase your ask

requested by Sara

requested by Sara

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